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Orrido di Botri. Canyon in Garfagnana

In Tuscany we have a "grand canyon” too. It's located in the Garfagnana area, in the municipality of Bagni di Lucca, hidden in the oak forests. Like all inaccessible places, it's a bit mysterious and it is cloaked in myth and scary stories that have been passed down by word of mouth. Orrido di Botri is the biggest and deepest canyon in Tuscany, a harsh and impressive limestone gorge that has been carved ove ...

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(Italiano) Forte dei Marmi. La vacanza pi

Forte dei Marmi, symbolic of Italian holidays Electronic Cigarette, is a name that conjures up numerous myths and legends, a place where a lot of international history has been created in the summer fun. We're in the heart of Versilia, in a place named after and distinguished by the homonymous "fortino dei marmi" (marble fortress), built for Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo to defend what was once the landing of ...

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The acquedotto Nottolini

E’ uno dei simboli di Lucca e senz’altro uno di quelli più scenograficamente visibili, anche da lontano; basta transitare infatti sull’autostrada A11 fra Lucca e Capannoni per scorgere la spettacolare e scenografia fuga degli archi e dei pilastri che contraddistinguono questo grande acquedotto. La necessità di dotare la città di un grande acquedotto per rifornirla d’acqua di buona qualità risolvendo così i ...

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Places and myths of the Garfagnana

It is said that the bridge builder made a pact with the devil in 1300 on the Ponte della Maddalena, which connects the two generic viagra online banks of the Serchio, close to the town of Borgo a Mozzano: he would be able to finish the work before the deadline as long as the soul of the first wretch to cross the river would be given to Satan. That’s why, upon the suggestion of the town’s priest, the first t ...

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(Italiano) La citt

 di Giuseppe Raimondi - As Guido Piovene said, Lucca is “an exemplary town Viagra whose historic layout is practically still intact and is understood in a single glance”. A historic layout that overcomes the evidence of its architecture and town planning and that left traces in the make-up and temperament of its townsfolk: their moderation, tolerance, dialogue and an innate predisposition for agreements whi ...

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