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(Italiano) Il Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori citt

" ... but the main attraction of Casino En Ligne the event was not the martial exhibition of the warriors, but a crowd of young flag wavers who walked around the town all day, showing off their skills to the sound of the drums. There must have been a great many of them and they did not all wear the same uniform, perhaps they were divided by quarter or by county ... " (M. Bocci - Early fifteenth century fair ...

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The Guarnacci Etruscan Museum

The Guarnacci Museum is one of the oldest public Museums Cialis Online in Europe: it was established in 1761 when the noble abbot Mario Guarnacci, donated his considerable archaeological heritage, collected over years of research and purchases, to the "public of the city of Volterra". The donation – which also included a rich library of over 50,000 volumes – was an act of extreme foresightedness given that, ...

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The soffioni of Larderello

Who has not become curious when seeing national cash advance payday loans the earth spit out steam near Volterra? These natural events in the Larderello area (lakes, soffioni and hot water springs) were already known to the Etruscans and the Romans who used the boron salts for pharmaceutical use and for preparing glazes. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the water was used for spa and pharmaceutic ...

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The forbidden dish: the fry eels “alla pisana”

Today it’s a forbidden dish, ecologically incorrect… But because it’s a part of the millenary history of Pisa and of the people who have lived here, how could we not talk about it. They are the fry eels called “alla pisana”. Once upon a time along the whole Tuscan coast side, from the north to the south, many fishermen caught the fry eels on their way to the sweet water where they were supposed to grow. Tod ...

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Discovering the protection areas to Valdicecina

L' Unione Montana Alta Val di Cecina e la Provincia di Pisa, propongono in quest'alba della stagione turistica un ricco programma di iniziative per scoprire le splendide Aree Naturali Protette del territorio. Un territorio quello dell’Alta Val di Cecina, dagli elevati valori naturalistici e storico-culturali e con un complesso sistema di Aree Protette: sono addirittura 3 le Riserve Naturali (“Foresta di Ber ...

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