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“Tuscany rainbow”: when too much and when too short….

by Nadia Fondelli – When too much and too little when … This is the Tuscany that in a weekend, started quietly last night August 23 and named with a questionable marketing operation-tourist “Tuscany Rainbow Summer” puts in a row over 700 events of which only a few worthy of note quick forum readtopic propecia answer online. And the other days of the summer? Museums closed and calm …

A great celebration coordinated by the Tuscany Region with the support of Tuscany Promotion, and Fondazione Sistema Toscana Tuscany in the World and suggested by a newspaper that will shine the spotlight on excellence in Tuscany: food and wine from the magnificent beauties.
More than 700 events in one weekend by municipalities, counties, associations, accommodations, museums, beaches and even shelters at high altitude. All visible in detail on the site,

A dip in the sea at 17.30 on the coast, an aperitif at sunset, dinner by candlelight and in many places fireworks. my question is where is the event?
These are not things that have always characterized the summer in every corner of the world? These are the things that should promote Tuscany in the world? The land of the genes that are passed off as extraordinary promotes everyday life?
To you, however, as well as the complete list of every event a focus on those considered most important in each province. It wishes if you have the gift of ubiquity and you will succeed in one evening, followed by more than 700 events …. It was not a better event, maybe well done to every night?
Obviously we will not mention because we do not think it appropriate to local surreptitious advertising, to you then it may be the judgment suu extraordinary event (for example) a run of 50 meters per female of heel 12?!?

FLORENCE – A Florence, the festival will start from the water is on schedule, in fact, the aperitif on the floating platform on the Arno, with entertainment and swimming in the pool. Many sportsmen, lifeguards and traders have chosen to give a unique experience to the Florentines and tourists turning on the lights on the Arno, the real protagonist of the evening.
For an original sushi dinner and bubbles on the Arno, with the masters of sushi costume folkoristico Japanese. Participants will climb the facts dragon boat characteristics and accompanied by rowers.
Also in the Tuscan capital special opening of the Forte Belvedere to enjoy the panorama of Florence and from 19.30 aperitif Rainbow theme. Over the Rainbow is the initiative of Confesercenti Florence in collaboration with the EstateFiorentina / Summer Florence Group Effect: liven up eight places in the city with aperitifs by the colors of the Rainbow, accompanied by local produce, live music and DJ-set.

Versilia – Versilia In space to dive into the sea of ​​17:30, 50 meters of the challenge in heel 12 (in Viareggio 18.30) and parade floats at night the famous Carnival (21.30).
At 19.30 in the nearby Torre del Lago “Long live the sparkling wine”, the event proposed by Puccini Festival for Rainbow Summer with a great aperitif with views of Lake Massaciuccoli, so loved by the great composer from Lucca.

CARRARA, CAPALBIO, BOLGHERI – The festival will unfold throughout the region ola in a festive and colorful. Two groups of cavalry will start at 10 on Saturday 24th from Carrara and Capalbio to join in a collective toast in Bolgheri.
At 18, will walk the famous avenue of cypresses and will to welcome drummers, flag bearers, falconers, in the company of the brand for the occasion “fight money” according to the ancient techniques of the issue.
The riders will contribute in square Ugo for the toast to the bracket, offered by the Roads of Wine and Oil.
Also in Bolgheri on the evening of 24 is scheduled for the evening of charity Bolgheri Melody “Voices for the Harp”, which will be attended, among others, Andrea Bocelli, Enrico Ruggeri, Naomi. The proceeds will be donated to support the “Project Pain” named after Amos Martellacci.

Livorno – For those who come to Livorno do not miss the event titled “All colors of the rainbow” from 19 hours aperitif at the aquarium of Livorno Piazzale Mascagni, 1 with a selection of wines served by the sommelier and told Fisar, all accompanied by some Tuscan delicacies.
In Livorno in the program “Museum in the moonlight to Rainbow Summer” special evening opening access to all exhibition areas from 19 to 23.30, guided visits to the Planetarium by the Association of Astronomical Sciences Livorno at 21.15; theater in the beautiful surroundings of the Botanical Garden.

PISA PONTEDERA – Here the festival began on August 23 with the big dinner Rainbow organized by the Municipality and Confristoranti. Six restaurants citizens involved in the initiative which will see only dishes with zero miles.
Participate in the festivities also the most famous tower in the world that August 24 will remain illuminated 1 hour more, until 23 pm.
Extraordinary opening from 18.00 to 22.00, even for the Domus Galilaeana (via Santa Maria 26). Meet at 17.30 for all swimmers of the beaches of Marina, Tirrenia and Calambrone maxi collective dive. Followed by cocktails, shows, music and entertainment in the bathrooms of the coast. Do not miss the fireworks from 22.30 on the promenade of Marina.
Pontedera (PI), the Piaggio Museum will be open on an exceptional basis with themed events and a special exhibition, while the streets are animated by the Vespa Club of the Era. Pontedera relaunches its river, the Age, with many initiatives badged Rainbow: a river boat will transport passengers to discover the natural beauty of the river and on board the boat.

PISTOIA – The Feast of St. Bartholomew (August 23 to 25) enters the billboard of the ‘Rainbow: Civic occasion the museum will be open Saturday, August 24 from 10 to 22 (free admission), inviting the children, accompanied by their parents, to discover the paintings which depicts the Holy One.
The aperitif highest of Tuscany is the refuge on Mount Elbow Zeno Colo in Pistoia (1,892 meters above sea level). Starting from 19 of 24 August toast with local products, the refuge is a gondola.
Sunday, August 25 at Rainbow Tuscany will be opened in the same area, the ring of the Apennine ridges: a group of about 100 colorful mountain bike traverse the new route for the first time, representing a kind of rainbow that unites all of our mountains Apennines.

SIENA – Italian Enoteca At 19.30 in the premises there will be a toast-Rainbow simultaneously with the whole of Tuscany. The evening will continue with the music of Siena Jazz Foundation.
Siena participates in the billboard events with the free opening night of the Civic Museum and the Museum Complex S. Maria della Scala from 21 hours to 24 hours. It will be open for free the Teatro Rinnovati with guided tour at 21 and 22.30. Special opening for a fee (€ 8,00) of the Torre del Mangia from 21 hours to 24 pm (ticket office closes at 23.30).
The Jewish Community of Florence / Siena section adheres to Arcobaleno with a special opening of the synagogue of Siena from 21.15 until 23.30. At 21:15 will take place on “toast Rainbow”, with Kosher Chianti Classico, in collaboration with the Azienda Agricola Le Macie (Castelnuovo Berardenga). Afterwards, free guided tours in Italian and English.

PRATO, AREZZO, LUCCA – A Meadow not to be missed “A toast to the exhibition From Donatello to Lippi”: public places of the center will organize an aperitif at 19:30: so will start with a toast to the countdown to the major exhibition on the Renaissance Prato , which will reopen after 16 years, the City Museum.
In Arezzo space to ‘”Aperitivo at Rainbow House Bruschi” for the occasion, the House Museum will be open until 22, with guided tours of the mansion, the collection and the temporary exhibitions in the program: “From Macchiaioli the twentieth century, the works of collection Olschki “and the exhibition of works of figurative Feuerman and Shiota in the path.
A scene of Lucca is the White Night which this year becomes part of the program of Tuscany Rainbow Summer. At the center of the festival there will be a treasure hunt: an original way to celebrate the city walls of which we celebrate the five hundredth year.

Maremma – Maremma to love is the title of the aperitif at the Fattoria La Principina. The free offer, in addition to drinks propose and Maremma Tuscan wines, local cheeses, meats and traditional dishes such as acquacotta, panzanella, pasta and chickpeas, toasted croutons and accounting for the Maremma real culinary excellence. The aperitif of 24 will see the participation of the Choir of the Etruscans founded by the peasant poet Morbello Vergari, who unfortunately passed away, which will offer the best of maremmano folklore.
The Museum of Natural History of the Maremma part of the rainbow with the free opening extraordinary from 18.30 to 23.30.

Together with the Tuscany will toast also 110 associations 120 thousand Toscani in the World. These days were added to the membership of Geneva and Toronto, for a toast that will involve the 5 continents: from Melbourne and Sydney in Australia and from Accra the capital of Ghana, from Buenos Aires to New York, from Asuncion, Paraguay’s capital in Siem Reap in Cambodia, from Bangkok to Miami. Brazil will be as many as four appointments: Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo and Jacutinga. He will be joined in the toast also Berlin, Havana, London, Paris, Brussels and Montreal.

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