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(Italiano) Toscana del gusto: Marco Stabile, ambasciatore nel piatto

by Stefania Pianigiani – Start with one of the most famous and talented chef from Tuscany, a new section of The Tuscany, linked to wine quality in the region. Forty years and not hear, you might say, speaking chef Marco Stabile, who are celebrating a birthday today. The career of Marco Stabile has been a growing success and in recent years has left to go to a really ambitious challenge that the Hour of Air, his restaurant in the heart of Florence.
A welcoming space, dominated by soft lights which creates refined dishes, the synthesis of the Tuscan tradition, giving highlighting the memory of its origins.
The star of the prestigious Michelin guide, which is awarded, speaks clearly about the quality of its cuisine, which extrapolates the soul and emotions of an ingredient, leaving expressing himself.
The training of Stable, started from a distance, and first took root in some parts of Tuscany and then establish themselves in the city of the lily, thanks to the work of humility and creativity that brought it today to be recognized as “chef prestige “in Italy and in the world.
Let’s find out more about him through this interview:

What are your guidelines that will make it different from other places in a star?
Each star is special in its own way, what I do every day is look back, way back and then forward in time and tell all through my dishes, our gestures, our ideas. Involving young chefs and encourage them to create, communicate what they see taste, dream, is a commitment that I take every day.

What is the dish you most proud of?
There are many in fact, I could mention the soft-crunchy pig, pigeon Three ways to cook the burgers really! But the dish I’m most fond of is the egg, the egg and the hen: the rites of the grandmother Tuscany, where a plate culinary story all the emotions that my grandmother sent us during the holidays, all from a pot chicken broth ….

Why did you choose to open your own restaurant in Florence?
Florence, my city. I was not born here, but every time I wanted something big, European, of the world, I came here by train and was amazed myself with art, beautiful architecture, the history of this great city.
It ‘s my biggest source of inspiration is alive, full of gastronomic culture and new proposals, simply grasp them, read and interpret. I always carry it with me in my travels and events in the world, I remember in my dishes, lives always in the flavors that express.

Marco Stabile – Ristorante Ora d’Aria
Via Georgofili 11R – 50122 Florence
Tel / fax +39 055 2001699 – Mobile +39 3290263177

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