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An Oratorio … phoenix

by Nadia Fondelli – This is the grief for the loss of the tower of Magliano who was standing silent and majestic witness to a glorious past and leggenderaio from four hundred and with overtones of the Republic of Siena and the Tuscan struggles, is alleviated in part by the revival of the Oratory of the Blessed Crucifix in Pistoia.
Just a week ago in the presence of the city authorities was shown to all this great work of restoration.

The Oratory Pistoia is a small gem that was almost forgotten and that he had a history of decline and abandonment so that now it was feared for its very existence.
A small precious baroque jewel, a vague temple whose presence has been documented since 1646 and that was certainly achieved by 1753 by the will of the abbess of the Benedictine monastery in the garden of which it was decided to build it at the end of the devotional path of the Cross.

A small chapel erected as a small centrally planned church elegant, slender and well-proportioned in suua simple elegance and in whose interior contains fine works.
In addition to many Baroque decorations of all, here are two frescoes painted by Vincenzo Meucci and the altar, facing the entrance, the crucifix placed in a built-decorated with refined reliefs and stucco.

For centuries, the Oratory has been there in the square surrounded by the impressive former monastery now Forteguerri High School. A noble presence, but decayed that day after day, year after year, abandonment, neglect and degradation were undermining strongly.

His fate was perhaps that of many other places in Tuscany, art jewelry religious and civil inexorably lost … suffice it to say that there are at least 12 villages in our region whole completely left to themselves day after day collapse, as was in danger of making the Oratory of the Crucifix, as happened at the Tower of Magliano after rains uncommon.
To avoid this, however, it takes passion, good will, a lot of money (hard to find at times like these) and companies and workers who have put us in addition to their passion, passion.
The Oratory Pistoia found its magnate in the Savings Bank Foundation of Pistoia and Pescia that, put your wallet commissioned bright young companies in this long, painstaking, difficult, but well-made restoration.

A praise to them who the money but it has the merit of having them spend saputi well, a wise administrator applaud, but we want to give an applause especially private companies that have worked on this project. Complex jobs performed by many hands that have involved both copertuure that the facade that the decorations. Work carried out by young companies and wish to revive the art, full of enthusiasm and certainly not choosy.

As young people who are choosy in Maremma are shoveling mud and with enthusiasm, along with their administrators have already decided that the tower said Magliano back on how and more beautiful than before, stone by stone.

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