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(Italiano) Vinitaly:

by Simone Focardi – It is the Tuscany region preferred by wine lovers: 1 out of 5 tourists choose it as a new drug cialis destination visited more than welcome, but it is also the one with the best offer for wine tourism, mainly thanks to the reception in the basement and the wide range of packages promoted by the wineries.

These are the results of the first tranche of the survey of the Wine Tourism Movement, “Vote the wine tourism destinations of the heart”, staged at Vinitaly, and which will close permanently on May 26, Open Cellars.
From an initial anticipation, Tuscany (21%) wins decisively in the ranking of wine producing regions visited that liked the most, thanks to a winning mix of culture, scenery, wide range of packages (food & wine, wellness, sports, etc..) And wine . Follow the Puglia (14%) for its landscapes and Piedmont (11%), favored for its wine and the wide range of packages (from food to wellness, sport).
To complete the “derby” north-south Campania (10%), who took fourth place also on the success of its wines in the top 100 by Robert Parker.

Tuscany, Piedmont, Puglia and Campania are in pole position in the top 5 of the regions with the best offer wine tourism: with 27% of the vote, the land of the Medici and of Dante and ‘now the favorite for numerous factors beyond the uniqueness the landscape, the quality of the wide range in the cellar integrated sponsored by companies.
And if the hospitality of the cellars and ‘the trump card of Piedmont, preferred by 14% of wine lovers in Puglia (11%) – the only Italian among the top wine destinations 2013 seconds Wine Enthusiast Magazine – and Campania (8% ) uniqueness’ of the landscape goes hand in hand with the reception.
Again with the 8% of the vote there are also the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, chosen for their hospitality and the wide range of packages offered by their cellars.
Fifth, a short distance, Umbria (7%) with hospitality and uniqueness of the landscapes that excel among the factors most optioned.

And ‘Chianti in particular the area that most everyone seems to combine the best of the key success factors of an area dedicated dell’enoturismo (winery hospitality, packages, uniqueness of the landscape and offer on the web), then tied and the Langhe Salento.
But, looking at the ranking of the most dreamed of, and changes the Exchequer tick surprise Sicily (18%), especially attractive destination for the landscape, culture and climate. Remains at the top, for its wines and the wide range of wine tourism, Tuscany who won a second place at the time (17% of the vote), bypassing the Piedmont (14%).
Area of ancient traditions and perhaps the most important for the wine bell, Irpinia and ‘among the emerging wine regions most voted by wine lovers for its great potential in terms of wine tourism although still little known.
Good rates as well for some areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia, including the eastern hills of the Veneto and Piedmont.

In general, in view of Italian wine tourism emerges the capacity of all the regions to be able to intercept and meet the demand of more and more wine lovers looking for experiences that the wine & food abbinino also other complementary forms of tourism.

However, it remains to be filled and enhance the supply on the web that to date has not confirmed yet among the main factors chosen by identifying the destination for wine tourism wine lover’s heart.
Vinitaly And you can continue to vote at the booth of Wine Tourism Movement and be photographed next to their region of the heart.
To participate in the survey there ‘time until May 26: go to the website

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