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XXII edition of Mediaeval feast in Monteriggioni

The XXII edition 50-one electronic cigarette of the Medieval Festival returns to illuminate the historical centre of Monteriggioni, a splendid village north of the city of Siena, crossed by the Via Francigena and internationally famous for being quoted by Dante, who praises the ring of walls and precious crown of towers.

The first two weekends in July – from 6 to 8 and from 13 to 15 July – dozens of events will warm the heart of the fortified town, with live performances, music, dance and theatre and antique flavours. Based on the theme “Inferno and Paradise”, the village’s squares and gardens will provide the setting for a rich programme of performances selected by the artistic director Gabriele Tozzi of Jobel Teatro, with the aim of recreating the atmosphere and ambience of a medieval village with its military garrisons, tradesmen, gentry and townspeople.

Like every year, the formula arranged over two weekends with different, but connected, themes, has been conceived to offer a double opportunity to come to the “Terre di Siena” [Lands of Siena] and experience the Festival: a sort of journey in separate legs, linked by the theme of the battle between good and evil, light and shade, angels and demons, constantly fighting one another.

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